Competition One Long-list

A tree. In memory. by Alex Alexandre

Don't Fall In Love With Me by Daniel Guy Baldwin

Evaporation by Sarah Grant

Every Thing We Own by Amy O'Neil

Flat Share by Jacqueline Sutherland

Floor Wax by Sheree Shatsky

Foot Pillow by Brendan Thomas

Kitty's Claws by Karen Watts

Outside by Georgia Cook

Someone painted a white flash on my door and I cannot clean it off no matter how hard I try by El Rhodes

The In-between Place by Linda Daunter

The lists this woman could write if her scoundrel dad hadn’t smoked away all her money for pencils by Martha Lane

The Spider to the Fly by Lucinda Rennison

The Wardrobe by Norah Blakedon

78 Synonyms to live by by Audrey Niven


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