Competition Twelve Long-list:


Bat You'll Fly by William Huberdeau

In a Semi, a Hackney Semi, the Lion Sleeps Tonight by Jo Clark

In Ordinary Times by Karen Arnold

Instructions for sweethearts watching Spitfires leave by Rachel Canwell

Migration by Jenny Woodhouse

Night Shift by Salvatore Difalco

Physical Geography by Chris Cottom

Springs Early Thaw by J. Iner Souster

Standing on a distant shore by Jane Broughton

Superman Smiles by Alison Wassell

The Carver by Martha Lane

The Shiny New World of Equal Opportunity and Free Choice by Heather Haigh

The Things Left in Their Wake by Sven Camrath

We've Always Been Dying to Dance by Kate Axeford

You Sent Me Flowers I Did Not Want by David Higham