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Yesterday, when I was in the Master’s spacious office on the hundredth floor of our North American headquarters, she told me, “Plato wrote in the Critias that orichalcum, a reddish metal, was mined in Atlantis but, by his time, was no longer considered one of the known metals.

However, brother Plato had secret teachings that were orally transmitted to select members of his Academy. Aristotle referred to them in his Physics as Plato’s agrapha dogmata, unwritten dogmas. We knew orichalcum could be used to imprison the demiurge and were afraid he might destroy our universe once he realized that this substance might be used to sap his strength.

Of course, the demiurge is really ungendered. He can’t procreate but, as noted in Plato’s Timaeus, he can create and he created our universe out of a preexistent chaos. But he can also destroy our world and replace it with another if he so chooses.

Also, in the Timaeus, Plato mentioned the opposite continent, namely, North America. It was there that an elite group of Pythagoreans imprisoned the demiurge deep in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky using orichalcum. But I recently heard a disturbing rumor that some rogue Pythagoreans are planning to release him.

They think the demiurge would then destroy our world and create a new orichalcum-free one. But, out of gratitude, they expect to be re-created and reincarnated in this new creation and made rulers of a entire galaxy.

Hence, I want you to form a squad that will work for the National Park Service at Mammoth Cave and protect the remote, unexplored section of the cave where the demiurge is imprisoned.”

I replied, “Master, I’m honored and hope I can select the team from our brotherhood.”

As you expected, she granted the request, so your plan is working.


Don Nigroni received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Saint Joseph’s University and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Notre Dame. He has been published in Ambit, Asymmetry Fiction, Theme of Absence, Mystery Tribune, 365 tomorrows and 50-Word Stories.


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