Competition Ten Long-list:


An Unspecified Time Between Before and Now by Julia Ruth Smith

Are You There? By Emily Macdonald

Blind Eyes And Ken Todd's Hands by Alison Wassell

Do Everything Your Mama Said Not To by JP Relph

Eilidh's Amulet by Sherry Morris

Everything? By Vanessa Horn

It's not you. It's not me. It's the ever-approaching heat death of the universe. By

Daniel Guy Baldwin

Love Letter to the Sea by Anne Daly

Prickly Pears by Isabelle B.L

Sindy fights dirty by Jane Broughton

SISTER by Chrissy Sturt

The Cryptocurrency of Friendship by Denise Bayes

The Exhumation of Motherhood by Eleanor Luke

The Scottish Heatwave 1976 by Jackie Morrison

The Seasoned Driver by Rebecca Kinnarney