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Salvatore Difalco: Recovery

Christopher J. Burke: A Sliver of Pi

Cheryl Snell: Full Turn

Andrea Lucy-Hirst: Mine

James Roderick Burns: The Moustache

Debra Plucknett: Chicken Skirmish

Zary Fekete: Bird Market

Rory ffoulkes: Into the valley of death

William Cass: Neighbors

Robert James-Robbins: Sound of the Crowd

Adele Evershed: Keeping Up Appearances

Ian Carass: Summer’s Day

David Patten: Brief Respite

Roger Haydon: Making Christmas Okay

Leonard Kress: The Relic

Robert James-Robbins: Belladonna

Chandrika R Krishnan: Never was it an easy journey

Cindy Pereira: Mother Ocean

Derek McMillan: The Weed

Cecilia Kennedy: All the Rest

Esther Arthurson: Genesis 2

John Holmes: The Waiting Room Game

Zoe Davis: Greensleeves

Daisy Ravenel: Slash

Mark Harbinger: Mindful Listening

Alejandro Gonzales: Another World

Emma Burnett: Fluid Movements

Anne Howkins: The Cat and the Fiddle

Christopher P. Mooney: The Eternal Loop of Life and Death

Carol Caffrey: Caveat Emptor

Mike Taylor: At The End

Karen Southall Watts: Ophiology

Richard Hughes: We

Willelmina Joseph-Loewenthal: The Volunteer Gardener

Deanna Salser: Sleep Is A Curious Thing

Daphne Fischer: Tight! Tight!

Daphne Loads: Lunacy

Adaora Ogunniyi: Six-Feet

Melanie Maggard: Remains of My Youth

J. Iner Souster: Vast Expanse

Emma Burnett: Janice’s son

Elizabeth Murphy: Seven’s Tale

Jonathan Hunter: The Helium Hullabaloo

Michael G. O'Connell: Enda Things

Maureen Telfer: Salvage

Karen Watts: Wounded Nightingales

Ellie Ness: Tick Tock

Eliza Fairley: High Tide

Nick Black: The Lost Kingdom

J. Iner Souster: The Owl

Mairead Robinson: Fluid

Hannah Retallick: Rose Water

Derville Quigley: Nowhere Girls

Chris Burchett: Secret bishness

Eleanor Ness: Waiting Room

Sherry Morris: Hard Hug

Eliza Fairley: This Farm Has a Ghost

Adele Evershed: Synonyms

Esther Byrne: Take my place

Geoff Sawers: The Watch

Denis Bell: Tom

Christine Reeves: A Good Life?

Mark Mayes: Message

Julius Olofsson: Levitating

Sam McPherson: Limbo

Sandy K Verma: Buttermilk Mother

Kathryn Silver-Hajo: What Their Hands Did

JJ Courtney: Truth or Dare

Cheryl Snell: Renunciation

Helen Rana: Aftermath

Martha Lane: Sweet Tea

Elizabeth Murphy: Weather Extremes

Swetha Amit: Grandpa’s haunt

Gina Maranto: The Good Dentist

Michael Bloor: Nemesis

J. Iner Souster: Springs Early Thaw

Adele Evershed: Moth to a Flame

Sophie Greenwood: fuzz

Daniel Addercouth: I’ll Come Back and Visit

Lorette C. Luzajic: The Gnome

Roger Haydon: Household chores

Andy Smith: This Bastard Pen

Debra Williams: Vincent at Arles

Sarah Hunter: The old railway tunnel

Cecilia Kennedy: Search Party

Cecilia L. Maddison: The Wheel

Alejandro Gonzales: The Reunion

K. J. Watson: Literary Demon

Robert Nazar Arjoyan: A Fathom Is Six Feet

Zary Fekete: Volcano Girl

Adele Evershed: While Memory Holds A Seat

Elizabeth Murphy: Peace on Earth

Omobola Osamor: Voyeur

Jennifer Braunfels: Captive

Brian Holland: Ships on their Tongues

Madison Randolph: Trapped in a Memory

Anne Goodwin: Hiroshima Maidens

Michael Bloor: Double Dating

Alex Rankin: Mother of Thousands

Linda Hibbin: Talking it Thro—

Alison Wassell: The Upcycler

Alejandro Gonzales: The Book

Dann Wonser: Damage

Jim Latham: Stop Transmission

John Sheirer: Purest

Tess Hassan: Piano Boy

J. Iner Souster: The Bite

Marion Lougheed: Cut Flowers

Lizzie Eldridge: Swim to Me

Courtney Harler: Pickle Juice

Val Roberts: Just like Colditz

T. K. Howell: Tahiti

Rita Ciresi: This Way and That

Mehreen Ahmed: Tongi

J. Iner Souster: The Wraith

Jack Bumby: Frame 313

Angeline Schellenberg: Spinning

Fiona McKee: Reflecting

Alisha J Prince: Tinnitus

Maria Thomas: Fragments

Roopa Swaminathan: Keeping Up With The Robertsons

Mathieu Cailler: Extra Innings

Kate Axeford: My Sister the Violin

Ben Wakefield: Offerings

Jim Latham: Noon in Florida

Ann Marie Struck: Amelia’s Run

Shoshauna Shy: Hide and Seek

Hugh Cartwright: How to Shrink Your Bedroom

Fhionna Mac: Over the Dyke

Ian McNaughton: In a Flap

Salvatore Difalco: En Route

Marion Bowler: Beachcomber

Fiona Campbell: The magic of music

Viktoria Dahill: Cow Tongues

Kay Lesley Reeves: A Second Chance

Willelmina Joseph-Loewenthal: The Derelict

Omobola Osamor: My Left Hand

John Reid: Swipe

Kim Tennison: Whisper to a Dandelion

Tim Kirton: Man with a Gun

Michael Bloor: The Trip to St Andrews

Valmic Mukund: Parrot Killer

Roopa Swaminathan: Lily

Mehreen Ahmed: Black Tulip

Maria Thomas: Of Cabbages and Fools

Colleen Cox: Birthday Sparklers

Amber Miller: Night One-Hundred-Fifty

K.J. Hanson: Grief

Mander Ellis: Passing Thru

Karen Watts: Don’t Be Alarmed

Emily Key: Electric Love

Thomas Morgan: On the Tape

Salvatore Difalco: MR. TESTICOLI

Armand Diab: My Craft

Della Leavitt: The Necklace

Mars Nobody: Big Bait

Jack T. Canis: Phobetor

Roopa Swaminathan: A Day in the Life of a Chili

Rob Schnepp: T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Adele Hally: Waiting, Waiting

Marilyn Parr: What I’ll Do Tomorrow

Alex Antiuk: Big Red Nose

Doug Hawley: A Cat Who …

Martha Lane: A Skein Disrupted

Alejandro Gonzales: Death Wish

Tim Dadswell: Cornered

Jason Jawando: Prometheus and the Toucan

Caroline Osborne: When In Rome

Kristen Henderson: Cancer Ghosts

Finnian Burnett: Red Shirts Sometimes Survive

Katie Willow: Dropping the Scales

Zach Murphy: Opossum

Helen Harradine: The Glass Partition

Jeremy Nathan Marks: Chameleon

Zary Fekete: Clinic

Chella Courington: When Leaves Begin to Die

Hannah Powell: Stuck

Hannah Barnes: In The Early Hours

Bridget J. Daly: Airborne

Joseph Lewis: Burn

Nora Nadjarian: Watermelon and Black Pips

RJ Witlaw: A Door Never Opened

Geoff Sawers: In Her Own Skin

Derek McMillan: A Likely Story

Leonore Wilson: Barbed Wire

Viktoria Dahill: Wholegrain Mustard

Mehreen Ahmed: The Box

Freddie Bonfanti: Emma’s Struggle

Paul Beckman: Giving Back Is My Job

Roopa Swaminathan: Grief-stricken

Tom Baldwin: The Circle

Madison LaTurner: Interlude

Tim Kirton: Doris

Joyce Bingham: Castle in my pockets

Gaile Vince: The Summoning

Sarah Hunter: In the garden

Terry Holland: Smoke of Dreams

Isabella Murray: Kinship of Music

Linda Hazaymeh: The Honeymoon

Roopa Swaminathan: She and Him

S.A. Greene: O! My America

Susan Earlam: Mealtime

Nicole. K. Hollick: Bitter Orange Blossoms

Catherine Moscatt: Contributions

Kieren Westwood: Empty Backyard Pool

Coleman Bigelow: Estranged

Isabelle B.L: A New Season

Ian Coldicott: The A to Z

Saoirse Rafferty: Vulnerable

Louella Lester: Blood From a Tick

Tamiko Dooley: Ryoko (Trips)

Bridget J. Daly: Driftwood

Iqbal Hussain: Look Not Backwards

Christopher P. Mooney: She, Her, Everything, Always

Doug Hawley: Undercover

Tim Kirton: My Perfect Man

Ian Coldicott: I Had No Idea

Kyle Hemmings: The Sting

Don Tassone: Free

Maxwell Suzuki: Mary’s Bouquet

Erica Sharlette: By the Light

Ryan Norman: Sinking

Dawn Siofra North: Little Splashes Of Yellow

Catherine O'Brien: Sometimes I visit them

Caroline Jenner: The Fair

Matthew Hisbent: Meadow sweet memory

Kate Miller: Management of Grief

Tim Kirton: Sunday Morning

Kate Flannery: The Janitor

Rosie Arcane: Laid Bare

Ian Coldicott: I Opened the Letter

Cecilia Kennedy: Devil’s Urn

Meryl Hulber: Corey’s Worth

Harry Wilding: The End

Linda Hibbin: der Formschneider

Ian Coldicott: Little Oranges

Tim Kirton: The Nobbled Boat

Karen Watts: Progress

Shelley Kirton: Bird of Pray

Iqbal Hussain: The Price of Love

Jane Broughton: Five Minutes More

Robert Keal: Night Light

Zaqary Anderson: The Clown Machine

Hugh Cartwright: Sudden Death

Alejandro Gonzales: Dear Delilah

Roger Haydon: Pigeons are easy

Martha Lane: Losing Count in KS1

Salvatore Difalco: Constancy

Leela Soma: Ayah’s Home

Dorcas Wilson: The Assistant

Amy Byrne: Words On a Plane

Robert Kostanczuk: Bye, Corner Grocery Store

Josh Dale: The Keyring

Nikki Williams: Prognosis

Kay Medway: A Sisterly Home

Kate MacDonald: A Reflection

Izabela Ilowska: Less Final

Jacqui Pack: Riding High

Michael James: Making the Most of it

Thaddeus Rutkowski: Kangaroo Court

Hannah Kuhn: Purgatory

Thomas Morgan: When The Day Came

Rose Rae: Saturn’s Rain

Stephen Page: In Florida

Rebecca Kinnarney: Three Decades of Reflection

Leonard Kress: Feast of Leviathan

M.E. Proctor: Queenie

Sarah Reid: A Catastrophic Day

Kim Sheridan: A Model Life

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Starting Over

Anita Lekic: Loyalty

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar: Baby on Board

Chella Courington: What Now?

Mike Hickman: Barry Takes Flight

Jaycee Durand: Nightmare Ride

Renee Peace-Miller: Surgical Intervention

Jane Broughton: Once upon a time

Karen Southall Watts: Grandma

Don Tassone: Thinly Veiled Anger

Paul Beckman: Emma Day

Roopa Raveendran-Menon: The Plan

Peter Hempel: The Doctor Is Not In

Katharine Shelley Kirton: Of Shortbread and Choices

Katie Murray: Self-Portrait

Anne Goodwin: Dark roots

Cath Barton: Just a Bird

Don Nigroni: An Urgent Message

Yvonne Remington: The Unforgiven Sin

Robert Fairbrother: Mall Content

Marcelo Medone: Sleepless Night

Sam Howroyd: The Glittering World

Cathy Lennon: Housebound

Lyn Gould: The Wood

Sven Camrath: A Nightmare

Martha Lane: Summer fete

Susan DeFelice: His Time

Andrew Deathe: The Angle of Vision

Dominique Gracia: Sweet or sharp

Katie Murray: Squandered Love

Albert Tucher: The Complaint Department

Yvonne Clarke: Beating About The Bush

Don Tassone: The Strain

Jason Sprinkle: Freedom to Move

Alex Antiuk: The Potato

Paul Germano: Incident in the Snow

Brianna Di Monda: Made of Water

David Henson: The Woman and the Tiger

Kelli Lage: Smoke

Kieran Wyatt: Pooch

Pam Knapp: Drama Queen

Jacqueline Doyle: Easy Street

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Happy Days

Emma Nokes: So Close…

Hazel Turner: A single white rose

Shane O'Neill: Bobbing Boats

Esther Amis-Hughes: Safe Not Safe

Niles Reddick: High Dive

Keith Hoerner: The Skeleton Key

Sarah Donnelly: Thy Will won’t Be Done

Rose McMackin: Golden Boy

E. F. S. Byrne: The Eve of Destruction

Don Tassone: Regret

Katherine Gleason: Second Period Savior

Adele Evershed: Maybe I Give A Damn

Keith Hoerner: Into the Ether

Geraldine McCarthy: Breathe it all in

Suzanne Richardson: The Price of Art School

Chris Lee: Snow

Curtis Ippolito: Hawk Sighting

Karen Southall Watts: Power Source

Justin Jahnke: Missing Persons

Linda McMullen: On Another Planet

Lorette C. Luzajic: Sweet and Sour

Andrena Zawinski: Chérie

Amanda Ingram: Break time

Steve Bates: The Gift

Swati Agrawal: Not Just Brown Eyes

Lisa Lerma Weber: The Snowman

Jennifer Lai: Taking the whip