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Louella Lester: Blood From a Tick

Tamiko Dooley: Ryoko (Trips)

Bridget J. Daly: Driftwood

Iqbal Hussain: Look Not Backwards

Christopher P. Mooney: She, Her, Everything, Always

Doug Hawley: Undercover

Tim Kirton: My Perfect Man

Ian Coldicott: I Had No Idea

Kyle Hemmings: The Sting

Don Tassone: Free

Maxwell Suzuki: Mary’s Bouquet

Erica Sharlette: By the Light

Ryan Norman: Sinking

Dawn Siofra North: Little Splashes Of Yellow

Catherine O'Brien: Sometimes I visit them

Caroline Jenner: The Fair

Matthew Hisbent: Meadow sweet memory

Kate Miller: Management of Grief

Tim Kirton: Sunday Morning

Kate Flannery: The Janitor

Rosie Arcane: Laid Bare

Ian Coldicott: I Opened the Letter

Cecilia Kennedy: Devil’s Urn

Meryl Hulber: Corey’s Worth

Harry Wilding: The End

Linda Hibbin: der Formschneider

Ian Coldicott: Little Oranges

Tim Kirton: The Nobbled Boat

Karen Watts: Progress

Shelley Kirton: Bird of Pray

Iqbal Hussain: The Price of Love

Jane Broughton: Five Minutes More

Robert Keal: Night Light

Zaqary Anderson: The Clown Machine

Hugh Cartwright: Sudden Death

Alejandro Gonzales: Dear Delilah

Roger Haydon: Pigeons are easy

Martha Lane: Losing Count in KS1

Salvatore Difalco: Constancy

Leela Soma: Ayah’s Home

Dorcas Wilson: The Assistant

Amy Byrne: Words On a Plane

Robert Kostanczuk: Bye, Corner Grocery Store

Josh Dale: The Keyring

Nikki Williams: Prognosis

Kay Medway: A Sisterly Home

Kate MacDonald: A Reflection

Izabela Ilowska: Less Final

Jacqui Pack: Riding High

Michael James: Making the Most of it

Thaddeus Rutkowski: Kangaroo Court

Hannah Kuhn: Purgatory

Thomas Morgan: When The Day Came

Rose Rae: Saturn’s Rain

Stephen Page: In Florida

Rebecca Kinnarney: Three Decades of Reflection

Leonard Kress: Feast of Leviathan

M.E. Proctor: Queenie

Sarah Reid: A Catastrophic Day

Kim Sheridan: A Model Life

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Starting Over

Anita Lekic: Loyalty

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar: Baby on Board

Chella Courington: What Now?

Mike Hickman: Barry Takes Flight

Jaycee Durand: Nightmare Ride

Renee Peace-Miller: Surgical Intervention

Jane Broughton: Once upon a time

Karen Southall Watts: Grandma

Don Tassone: Thinly Veiled Anger

Paul Beckman: Emma Day

Roopa Raveendran-Menon: The Plan

Peter Hempel: The Doctor Is Not In

Katharine Shelley Kirton: Of Shortbread and Choices

Katie Murray: Self-Portrait

Anne Goodwin: Dark roots

Cath Barton: Just a Bird

Don Nigroni: An Urgent Message

Yvonne Remington: The Unforgiven Sin

Robert Fairbrother: Mall Content

Marcelo Medone: Sleepless Night

Sam Howroyd: The Glittering World

Cathy Lennon: Housebound

Lyn Gould: The Wood

Sven Camrath: A Nightmare

Martha Lane: Summer fete

Susan DeFelice: His Time

Andrew Deathe: The Angle of Vision

Dominique Gracia: Sweet or sharp

Katie Murray: Squandered Love

Albert Tucher: The Complaint Department

Yvonne Clarke: Beating About The Bush

Don Tassone: The Strain

Jason Sprinkle: Freedom to Move

Alex Antiuk: The Potato

Paul Germano: Incident in the Snow

Brianna Di Monda: Made of Water

David Henson: The Woman and the Tiger

Kelli Lage: Smoke

Kieran Wyatt: Pooch

Pam Knapp: Drama Queen

Jacqueline Doyle: Easy Street

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Happy Days

Emma Nokes: So Close…

Hazel Turner: A single white rose

Shane O'Neill: Bobbing Boats

Esther Amis-Hughes: Safe Not Safe

Niles Reddick: High Dive

Keith Hoerner: The Skeleton Key

Sarah Donnelly: Thy Will won’t Be Done

Rose McMackin: Golden Boy

E. F. S. Byrne: The Eve of Destruction

Don Tassone: Regret

Katherine Gleason: Second Period Savior

Adele Evershed: Maybe I Give A Damn

Keith Hoerner: Into the Ether

Geraldine McCarthy: Breathe it all in

Suzanne Richardson: The Price of Art School

Chris Lee: Snow

Curtis Ippolito: Hawk Sighting

Karen Southall Watts: Power Source

Justin Jahnke: Missing Persons

Linda McMullen: On Another Planet

Lorette C. Luzajic: Sweet and Sour

Andrena Zawinski: Chérie

Amanda Ingram: Break time

Steve Bates: The Gift

Swati Agrawal: Not Just Brown Eyes

Lisa Lerma Weber: The Snowman

Jennifer Lai: Taking the whip

Vic Nogay: A Mother Eats

Derek McMillan: Blackridge

Priscilla K. Garatti: Night Maps

Bobby Gant: Magic Marlon

Dan Crawley: A Tight Fit

Chella Courington: The Time of Your Life

Darrell Petska: Rage and Jam

Emma Robertson: Spiders at the Crematorium

Steve Bates: The Ogre

Hank Kirton: Slide

Sue Millett: Shooting Stars

Lauren Davila: Ita

Charles Prelle: Great Maiden’s Blush

Katie Burgess: Shotgun

David Henson: The Dark Hole

Denise Mills: Telegraph Poles

Ivan Ruccione: Stretch marks

Nicholas Schroeder: Enigmas

Yash Seyedbagheri: Picking Kernels

Karen Southall Watts: Escape

Mitchell Duran: The Rock

Helen Kreeger: None of My Business

Julian Mitchell: So The Story Goes

K.M. Sheets: Grief

Stephen J. Golds: A Bullet in the Guts

Mehreen Ahmed: Sparky

Keith Langston: Bentley

J.L. Harland: Double Life

Patrick Nevins: Pareidolia

Damon McKinney: 407 Kierson Lane

Anne Goodwin: Because Bellyache

Wilson Koewing: Elevator

David Lewis Pogson: The Seat at the Edge of the World

Karen Walker: Mom with brownies

Anne Goodwin: Bridging

J. Bradley: Pretty

Paul McDonald: To Boldly Go

Yash Seyedbagheri: Care

Paul Beckman: CodeCode My World

Maria S Picone: Snapshot

Robert Boucheron: Jokesmith

Mehreen Ahmed: Wait for the Next Rain

E. F. S. Byrne: Beached

Sean Ennis: The Needles

Zach Murphy: In Rotation

Robert Boucheron: Store Policy

Clarrie Rose: Bluebells

Kate Miller: Checkmate

Tom O’Brien: Reason For Delay?

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