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Bobby Gant: Magic Marlon

Dan Crawley: A Tight Fit

Chella Courington: The Time of Your Life

Darrell Petska: Rage and Jam

Emma Robertson: Spiders at the Crematorium

Steve Bates: The Ogre

Hank Kirton: Slide

Sue Millett: Shooting Stars

Lauren Davila: Ita

Charles Prelle: Great Maiden’s Blush

Katie Burgess: Shotgun

David Henson: The Dark Hole

Denise Mills: Telegraph Poles

Ivan Ruccione: Stretch marks

Nicholas Schroeder: Enigmas

Yash Seyedbagheri: Picking Kernels

Karen Southall Watts: Escape

Mitchell Duran: The Rock

Helen Kreeger: None of My Business

Julian Mitchell: So The Story Goes

K.M. Sheets: Grief

Stephen J. Golds: A Bullet in the Guts

Mehreen Ahmed: Sparky

Keith Langston: Bentley

J.L. Harland: Double Life

Patrick Nevins: Pareidolia

Damon McKinney: 407 Kierson Lane

Anne Goodwin: Because Bellyache

Wilson Koewing: Elevator

David Lewis Pogson: The Seat at the Edge of the World

Karen Walker: Mom with brownies

Anne Goodwin: Bridging

J. Bradley: Pretty

Paul McDonald: To Boldly Go

Yash Seyedbagheri: Care

Paul Beckman: CodeCode My World

Maria S Picone: Snapshot

Robert Boucheron: Jokesmith

Mehreen Ahmed: Wait for the Next Rain

E. F. S. Byrne: Beached

Sean Ennis: The Needles

Zach Murphy: In Rotation

Robert Boucheron: Store Policy

Clarrie Rose: Bluebells

Kate Miller: Checkmate

Tom O’Brien: Reason For Delay?

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