Competition Three Long-list

Answers by Linda Daunter

Atlas Suffocated by Daniel Baldwin

Farewell Sounds by Janet Curry

FREE FALL by Pam Knapp

Full Circle by Judith Perkins

Halfway Up the Stairs by Brid McGinley

On the Bench by Claire Schön

Putting the Past to Rest by Linda Hibbin

Repurposing by Michelle Christophorou

She'll Grow Out Of It by Adele Evershed

Swim the bay with Byron (only 14 euros) by Andrew Boulton

The Angel's Share by Christopher P. Mooney

The last wolf in Brighton’s in the prize booth on the pier by Abi Hennig

The octopus, the leopard, and the lyre by Martha Lane

When the Tears Come by Dettra Rose

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