Fiction Author: Linda Hibbin

Talking it Thro—

‘ACTION.’ Edmund carefully modulated his voice. ‘Tell viewers how this phobia restricts your life, Janice.’ ‘I-I c-can’t—’ ‘Recall the first time you encountered this fear.’ Janice, cheeks streaked with mascara, lips trembling, whispered, ‘Oh, Edward, I feel …’ she covered her mouth, ‘… sick.’ She stumbled out of the shot, returning a minute later hyperventilating. …

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Thank heaven for little girls

The four youths gathered around the Dresden Blue Morris Minor. Rust and dents failed to diminish Bill’s love for his first car. The lad was a cheeky monkey, the elderly man mused. Well brought up, thoughtful, ready to lend a hand. He deserved the car. Heads turned. The clack of stilettoes heralded the approach of …

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der Formschneider

I’m meandering sluggishly across the flood plain of old age, toward the open sea. I am ‘der Formschneider,’ the block cutter, held in high regard by Kaiser Wilhelm. I study the wood block I’ve been carving for decades but cannot finish. My eyes are inadvertently drawn to the field behind the young characters Ernst, Katrin …

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