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The door slams. Three white men dart around the store hidden behind their black dusty balaclavas. Aisles emptied, cigarettes, and smashed bottles of alcohol scattered across the floor. They flee, evaporate, leaving behind only our staggered breaths. A peculiar mix of blood and bleach stains the white cobbled shop floor a peculiar coral. I still, hold my breath and wait.


‘It’s okay’, I tell myself. But it’s not. Breath steams in my nostrils as I replay the last few minutes over and over. Just fuzz and noise. Sirens begin to wail, and the police approach the commotion. I am left trembling, eyes as sharp as shards from the smashed windows.


I stare at the officer. My eyes shoot up in disbelief and stare straight through his angry glowering eyes. My lip begins to quiver, eyes water but I hold back the tears. His thumb clips down on the gun, his other hand pressed against his spare bullets. We lock eyes, a fiery intense stare as I try to pull back quietly. I nod to the movement of his lips, my skin darkening even more with each step until merely an outline of my quivering body remains.




Kate Miller is a law student from Manchester. She is fairly new to writing but had her first two pieces of flash fiction ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Rollercoaster Apocalypse’ published by Ellipsis Zine and Storgy. Kate loves to watch true crime documentaries and horror films!



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