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Corey could hear the raindrops hard and fast on the tin roof.  Each drop felt like a year of her life just washing away.  She was old now and knew that her time was near.  Then she would be taken down that tunnel towards the light.  Each event of her life would be played out before her; some good and some not so good.  Her particles would reach out and light up the sky and look down on her offspring.  Hoping that they would not make the same mistakes as herself.  That they would make a better life for themselves.  Usually those things never happened.  Events in life would steer them along the wrong path.  Their lives would become a jumbled mess too.

What Corey hadn’t reckoned on was that both good and bad particles were being syphoned throughout the universe.  No matter how hard you tried there would always be bad elements that would be born into new skins.

Corey was wondering what her life had been worth whilst she was on planet Earth.  When she took her last laboured breathe she realised that her new life was on a different planet altogether. 

They were making hybrids of humans on other planets.  Like a film on replay everyone was given a purpose, but each time they lost a little bit of themselves.  People were becoming more robot like.  Like a communist country everyone’s personalities were merging together.  No-one could think out of the box.  All had to be equal in thought, action, and deeds.  This would be the only way that mankind could advance.  There had to be clever minds so that we could make sure the universe didn’t die.  Pollution, wars, and violence had to be halted.  There would come a time when all would be perfect.  In the evolution of time every person in every galaxy and beyond would be kind, trusting, not lacking in anything.  Crime would become a thing from history books. 

It would only take one crack in the universal law and then all would implode on itself.  Life forms would begin very basic.  If we prayed hard enough to God and ask for forgiveness he would give us another try at humanity.

When they saw Corey’s birth mark on her right cheek, some say she had been kissed by an angel.  Pale pink and shaped into lips she cried her lungs out when she was born.  Her mother looked down at her child and realised holding those tiny fingers, that she had been created by love and cherished her daughter.  Nothing could take away the agony she had gone through giving birth but it had been worth it, seeing her bright orange eyes and blue skin with scales.  She was perfect.




Meryl loves reading flash fiction and honing her skills at writing it.  She also enjoys rhyming poetry such as John Clare’s poems. He once lived in Helpston, a village in her home town of Peterborough, UK.

Her newest find is Sci-fi flash fiction which she has a passion for.  The challenge of keeping the reader engrossed with the narrative is extremely interesting, especially with a twist at the end of the fiction piece.


Photo by Mulyadi on Unsplash


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