Electric Love

Electric Love by

Lying flat and feeling flatter.  Electric nerves fighting the flatness. Sensitized and confined, 

grieving loss. The TV, eater of lost souls, speaks-a man’s voice…compelling, consuming.  

I shift my eyes and see his face.  Rough and beautiful.  Me, falling in love again, vulnerable and

readymade for this rapture.  Finding a quiet passion in a stranger’s eyes.  Now I loved two.  

Both out of reach.  Slowly, I turn away and try to sleep.  





Emily Key lives in Savannah, GA.  She is an educator, prefers musicals over plays, loves deeply, treasures her family, and cooks against her will.  She enjoys reading and history and reading about history.  She’s an artist sometimes.  She will have a story included in an anthology of Southern writers due out this year.  She’s very pleased about that.  Emily hopes to return to the UK at some point and see Brendan Coyle on stage…in a play.



Illustration by Eppie Key – @eppie_key


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