Diary entry

Excerpt from the Diary of Edgar Payson by

April 2  i know my calling now and what I must do cleanse remove thE worlD’s trash i am the GARbage man

April 17  i put her in the dumpster after i washED the blood from her GARments first cuz trash should be clean before it is recycled

May 9  these ladies die so easily as if they know they are not fit to live and she deserved hell so i burned her body and buriED her broken skull in my GARden

June 6   men die easy too i learned but i have so much filth and dirt to wash away and it can not be accomplishED one germ at a time i must think bigger like GARgantuan

July 4  happy fireworks day add some gasoline and hundreds wiil be trappED in the blazinG ARson party at the roller rink

July 9  forty died i did my best i think but the voices said i let the witness get away as if i wanted to be caught and that’s crazy and defeats my purpose here and now they will be coming for me soon so i think i will curl up with my favoritE Debris in the GARage chest freezer

[Final Entry]




Mars Nobody is a sixty-six-year old, retired widower, living in the high desert of central New Mexico, where one can wash their car, and never worry about it raining later that day. Mars is a new writer using a pseudonym so as not to embarrass his family.




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