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I was right. I couldn’t fit through the cat flap. I was getting whiplash shaking the snow from my head and needed a poo. Bella emerged from ‘MY’ kennel, meowed, stretched, and swaggered over to within an inch of my bark, preening herself while taking in my predicament. She leapt onto my head and spring-boarded herself through a small window. I sensed her behind me then heard her flick open her claws and braced myself.





Ian McNaughton is a writer and a has-been chef from Cardiff, Wales UK. He mostly writes short humorous stories with a subtle food twist. The bi product of a C.H.E in Creative Writing at Cardiff University, he has been published in many online magazines, Readers Digest, four stories in the book ‘Write on Cardiff’. He has come second in numerous writing competitions and the elusive first place caught up with him recently. His work method is purely that if it makes him laugh and hungry while writing then its good enough to share.

He always has to look up how to spell Broccolli.

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