black tape

Nothing bad occurs ever again by

….Rock stars buy guns and hide them in their amplifiers. The signal signals everyone to stop what they’re doing, now I’m pushing a tiny tank the size of a lawn mower across the auditorium floor. Does it ever feel like you are being punished for your past?
***Sleeping in coffins won’t get you back to that happy place and toothless vampires go to bed on an empty stomach. I don’t sleep in a coffin but sometimes it feels like it. This is everything happening all of the time.
***Rock stars hear the gravity echo like crowds hiccupping in patterns similar to percussion loops.
I don’t sleep in a coffin because I don’t sleep.
***Rock stars magnify their already giant faces and stuff dynamite in their nostrils. The venue is bugged. We’re recording live.





Nate Hoil is as old as time. He has spent the last 100 years wandering the ruins of an advanced society deep beneath the outer layer of earth. You can find more of his work at


Photo credit – Nate Hoil



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