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Allison saw the young evangelists tag-teaming on the college green. One boy preached while three others roamed among loitering students.


“The lord’s blood redeems your sins!” the preacher wailed. “You must bathe in his blood!”


“I saw you listening,” one tag-teamer whispered as he materialized beside Allison. She met his gaze. “Starting to make sense?” he asked.


“All that blood,” she said. “Tell me: Is your god a vampire or a serial killer.”


That’s when it flashed in his eyes—as Allison knew it would. The purest hate. She let it wash over her as he turned and marched away.






John Sheirer lives in Western Massachusetts and is in his 30th year of teaching at Asnuntuck Community College in Northern Connecticut, USA, where he edits Freshwater Literary Journal (submission welcome). His work has appeared recently in Wilderness House Literary Review, Meat for Tea, Poppy Road Review, Synkroniciti, Otherwise Engaged, 10 By 10 Flash Fiction, The Journal of Radical Wonder, Scribes*MICRO*Fiction, and Goldenrod Review. His latest book is Stumbling Through Adulthood: Linked Stories. Find him at JohnSheirer.com.@JohnSheirer


Photo – John Sheirer


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