riding high

Riding High by

‘I used to ride in a topless car,’ Carol told Liam, watching him guide the stolen convertible through the streets of San Andreas. ‘Me and Ruby Wilson.’

Liam, engrossed in GTA, humoured her with a nod.

‘It belonged to Michael Featheringly-Tupp, the local magistrate’s son. A vintage Bugatti. Red, with chrome headlamps and leather seats. We thought we were quite the ticket, me and Ruby, riding about topless with Michael.’

‘You mean an open-topped car, Gran. Not topless.’

Carol’s lips thinned. ‘Less of the cheek, young man. I know what I mean.’

She’d never forget the summer of 1967: the throb of the engine, the cool rush of air on her face, and the whip-sting of Ruby’s long hair flicking her breasts.





Jacqui Pack’s fiction has appeared in a variety of publications, including Litro Online, Swarm, and Storgy.  She was among the winners of The London Magazine’s 2013 ‘Southern Universities Short Story Competition’, awarded Long Story Short’s ‘Story of the Year 2009’, and holds an MA in Creative Writing.




Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash



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