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I painted myself, and you tucked up tight and right, in oils the hues of love and longing. Even oil paints dry the layers of time they remember. I remember the surging love, the tiny fists and clamour of heart beats. The awe and the emptiness of having someone so loved inside become suddenly outside. The responsibility can keep you from sleep.

I love this painting of you and I. I’ve always felt the need to have it close, on every bedroom wall I’ve ever loved in. Now, she is – or, we are – on my newly painted and darkly muted green walls, looking over my shoulder. Holding such love. And so many memories. Holding love and time in her over-sized hands.


Katie is a fiction and memoir writer from Nottingham. Katie lives with her husband and four children and especially loves gardening in the Spring.

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Painting by Katie Murray

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  1. This captures to fierce bond or connection a mother has with her child. The painting created by her mother must always be with her, on her wall, in her room, close to her, like her baby. What an incredible talent Katie has! A treasured portrait of one of her most hopeful, peaceful and cherished moments in time. I read and look at this over and over.

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