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It was a bizarre feeling, boredom. Thalia hadn’t experienced it much recently with the excitement of her birthday and the buzz she got from the endless streaming of hilarious vlogs.

Not quite knowing what to do with herself, she walked into the lounge and sat, next to her parents. They conversed about issues of great importance, including an in-depth discussion focused around shortbread biscuits, for at least four minutes.

The dogs, lazy and content, knew nothing of this feeling. They’d walked, they’d eaten, they slept. Simple existence was a quality Thalia would have envied, had she known of it.

Puzzled over what should happen next, Thalia gazed at the generic terrestrial broadcast on the somewhat redundant, now not so smart television, wondering what on earth she saw before her.

Suddenly, strong feelings began to surprise and surpass her youthful naivety. Feelings of anxiety, of wonder, of dread yet, intrigue.

And then…

The Wifi came back on.


Emma is a new writer of poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction currently residing in Dorset. She is a Mother, Writer, Reader and all round lover of mud, who can usually be found at the top of a hill when not at her laptop.


“WiFi symbol” by Christiaan Colen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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