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Sweet or sharp by

“Ugh. I hate those.”

“Well.” Sarah turns the fruit in her hand. “They’re not always sweet, but when they are they’re delightful.” They flood, can be swallowed whole.

“They’re sour.”

“Sharp?” When they’re sharp, they flood too, elicit some other, stronger response.

Emma-Jane wrinkles her nose. “And they’re such a pain to get hold of.”

“Pithy.” Sarah nods, digging her fingernails in. Hard to get under the skin, but bright and full of promise.


Emma Jane is quite a lot like an orange, Sarah thinks, and wonders how best to explain to her that she likes oranges.


Dominique Gracia is an independent academic specialising in Victorian literature and Victoriana, but also writes short fiction and poetry in a range of genres. She’s inspired by the things that come up again and again, and run below the surface.




Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash

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