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The Fair by

The whirl of sound caught her up, pirouetted around her, as she passed across the muddy field and into the flashing lights and pungent smells of the fair.  Hot dogs and candy floss mingled in a sweet tang of sugary ketchup. Brightly painted horses galloped in never-decreasing circles as dodgems bumped and ducks fell, quacking their way towards giant cuddly prizes.

She’d sneaked out, past the room where her Dad and brother were watching the football, waited at the prearranged meeting point. No one had appeared.  ‘All mouth and no trousers,’ as her Mum used to say before she left, her red suitcase bumping along the uneven pavement, fed up with her Dad’s inertia.

Dizzily she returned the coir mat from the spiralling helter-skelter, before joining a queue to swing high above the flashing, spinning spheres; specks of gyrating light blurring against the dark paddock.

In the morning, walking to school, she paused to watch as chipped paint and tarnished steeds disappeared into grubby trucks, leaving a carpet of fag ends and wooden sticks.



Caroline Jenner is a retired English teacher.  She has been writing for two years and recently came second in the Hastings Writing Room Two Halves Flash Fiction Competition.  When not glued to her laptop Caroline enjoys knitting and baking.


“Sunset at the fun-fair on The Downs” by charlieishere@btinternet.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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