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They thought they had conquered it, but it came back.  It always comes back.

They used science and logic to battle it.  They took every measure, used every weapon, developed new weapons.  But it would not go away.  It kept advancing.  It invaded every part of society, from alleys to places of worship.

Until recently, they had thought of the virus as their most formidable foe.  But the virus went away. 

Extremism remained.  It is a particularly virulent strain of disease, impervious to both medicine and reason, and as long as it has a willing host, it cannot be eradicated.



Don Tassone is the author of four short story collections and a novel.  He lives in Loveland, Ohio.  Visit him at  or @tassone_don


Photo credit – Mikael Marguerie


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  1. How do we break the chains that bind us? I hope someone can release
    humanity from beliefs that block the light.

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