Unfortunate Wonderer

The Unfortunate Wonderer by

I leave work to find him. At home I hear and see the frustration in worry left behind. Like coved-19, he’s strong. Knocked her to the ground to go search for the party he insisted was happening. She stays, safe. Leaving to find him, I ring my brother five thousand miles away. This virus is around for months. The Alzheimers’s been around for years. Stays for years, depending. Until the heart stops whenever. There’s six hundred acres of forestry over the wall, old memory knows it well, is he in there? How frightened is he?


Amy Byrne is from Ireland. she enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction. Some of which expanded to fictional novellas and novels. Amy has been part of a writers group for ten years which has been a great help. 



“deep dark forest” by craigCloutier is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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