thinly vield anger

Thinly Veiled Anger by

Masked shoppers queued up in a self-checkout line that stretched back to the toilet paper.

Other shoppers needed to get through the main aisle, but nobody in the self-checkout line budged.  Trying to squeeze through, a woman clipped a man standing in line.  He wheeled around and shoved her cart.

Somebody pushed him.  Somebody yelled.  Somebody threw a punch.

The self-checkout line began to collapse.  Masked shoppers began running out of the store with items tucked under their arms.  Somebody knocked over a clerk.  A security alarm sounded.

The manager had to call the cops to restore order.



Don Tassone is the author of four short story collections and two novels. He lives in Loveland, Ohio.  Visit him at  or @tassone_don



“File:Coronavirus COVID-19 face mask in supermarket.jpg” by Nickolay Romensky is licensed under CC BY 2.0



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