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Wait for the Next Rain by

Darkness crept in. Rain poured. I ran outside. I wanted to be with rain. No, wait, I wanted to rain-dance a tango. Night had fallen. Waters gushed. It whispered to make inroads into my soul. I opened up to it. I found my knight. He rode up in silver tresses and translucent shinning armour. I embraced him. We kissed. My luscious lips, my satin face, my glassy eyes and my wavering hair. He soaked me up in his wet embrace. He dripped down my wild hair. I closed my eyes and let it woo me. The rain; it stopped. The dance stopped. The romance stopped.

I came indoors in a brooding mix; I broke down in tears. I waited for the next rain. I awaited him.

Wait. Did I just find God in the rain? My knight, all dispersed. Oxygen, Nitrogen,Carbon, gathered and made us, humans? Fascinating, the rainbow colours. All the eye could see was us; God. He? Dispersed? We, humans, the God gatherers, our skin was an outfit. Unzip the outfit, see the gatherings; all the Godly elements that the naked eye wished to see. Yet, each time we were born, we broke away from the stars and we created our own. Each time we died, the stars died with us to rise anew; Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen; all the droplets of the rainbow colours; transcendental idealism. God, the unbroken thread of life holds us. We, the eternal puppets on this eternal cosmic string.




Mehreen Ahmed is an award-winning, internationally published and critically acclaimed – MBR author. She has written Novels, Novella, Short Stories, Creative Nonfiction, Flash Fiction, Academic, Prose Poetry, Memoirs, Essays and Journalistic Write-Ups. Her works have been podcast, anthologised and translated in German, Greek and Bengali. She has two masters’ degrees and a bachelor’s (Hon) in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of Queensland and Dhaka University. She was born and raised in Bangladesh. At the moment, she lives in Australia.




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