What happens in the Arctic

What happens in the Arctic stays in the Arctic by

‘Are you absolutely certain you left it here?’ Matt asked again. 

‘Yes!’ James replied annoyed. 

‘We need that research; you know it’s our ticket out of this place.’ Matt reminded him. 

‘I told you, I left the file here on the table, I don’t know where it’s gone!’ James snapped. 

This is not the first time vital research has been misplaced. As the season is coming to an end and the rendezvous date nears, it has become a frequent occurrence.  They have already been delayed by bad weather and any further delays would mean they would have to spend Christmas away from their families. For James however the delays brought relief. Here in the Arctic he was a superior; back in civilization where day is accompanied by light and night by darkness, and humans outnumber penguins, James was a socially awkward recluse. 

While James was carrying out repairs on one of the solar panels damaged by wind from the recent storm, Matt discovered the missing research in his quarters. 

‘I have to report this!’ Matt said as he confronted James and proceeded to walk towards the communication station. 

‘No you don’t.’ James said coldly. 

Several weeks after a coroner confirmed that Matt passed away in his sleep. James was praised for his preservation of the body by storing it in the ice outside. 





Cindy Hossain is an English Literacy student and enthusiastic amateur writer. She was brought up in the Free State, South Africa and now lives in Manchester, United Kingdom. When she’s not busy putting pen to paper, she’s taking care of her three young children and two dogs.



Artwork by Elmin Marais 

Twitter @elminbezM

Website www.elmin-marais.com


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