Roger Haydon

Household chores

Today:   Barbara will make a full English breakfast for Barry. He has an immensely important conference to attend with a long drive to get there.   Barry will eat the breakfast, give Barbara a peck on the cheek after he has brushed his teeth and say ‘See you tonight darling, all being well.’ and …

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Pigeons are easy

We’re waiting, the three of us. The grey stick of willow, saliva wet and well chewed is thrown afar and returned to us again by Colin. Head cocked, tongue lolling and tail flapping, he looks out for us and keeps us entertained while we sit through the warm spring afternoon into early evening. Jack’s pigeons …

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Christmas games below the line

TantricSexGoddess Monopoly. Bah! Hate it. My family insists, actually my Dad, same every effing year. General madness. No laughter AT ALL, deadly. * PutinsPoodle Monopoly double bah. Give it all away, go to Jail, spend £200 each time to escape and do it again. Collaborate and go bankrupt. Be socialist. * LordOfTheManner Scrabble is the …

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