Tim Kirton

Man with a Gun

He’d been carrying his prized possession and best friend around the world to different locations since he’d left the armed forces almost ten years ago now. Unsure what to do next and with his sharpshooter experience it was no surprise that he had fallen upon the type of job that he was now inextricably linked. […]

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They’d been out looking most of the night. Her GPS tracker had either fallen off or stopped working as there was no signal. The thickets and hedgerows had all been searched and the footprints entering the large Rhododendron bush had led to nothing. They knew she wouldn’t survive another night outside. The search team promised

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My Perfect Man

As I walked aimlessly down my mundane suburban street, window shopping, looking and longing for all the items I’d like to own but didn’t have the money for, it hit me, literally. Well, it was more of a nudge than a hit. But I definitely felt something. I looked around me but nobody was inside

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Sunday Morning

The children were unleashed in the play area. Running and kicking up a sandstorm in the ‘Pit’. Plastic toys, sandwich crusts and hardened dog poop all spiralling skywards.   Onto the ‘Pirate Ship,’ frenetically scurrying up the rope ladders and swooshing down the metal slides.   Breakneck spins on the roundabout. Hats and gloves flying

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The Nobbled Boat

They’d ‘borrowed’ a boat a few times before. Always on a clear summer’s night around midnight. They would row to Candela Island and lay underneath the stars, watching and waiting for the meteor showers. There was virtually no light pollution on the island. It was the perfect spot for stargazing. They knew it was wrong

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