Doris by

They’d been out looking most of the night. Her GPS tracker had either fallen off or stopped working as there was no signal. The thickets and hedgerows had all been searched and the footprints entering the large Rhododendron bush had led to nothing.

They knew she wouldn’t survive another night outside.

The search team promised to resume at first light.

The warm rays of sunshine offered new hope but did little to lift the sense of impending doom.

Sluggishly, a leathery old head emerged from the privet.

“She’s alive!”

Unperturbed, Doris the tortoise, crawled slowly out blinked and began to sunbathe.





Tim Kirton is a semi-retired Physical Education and English teacher who is a successful children’s novelist and prize-winning flash and short fiction writer. He is passionate about Golf, Arsenal, American Dirty Realism and Estuaries. He lives in the Peak District and has one son living in Australia.




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