See My Breath Dance Ghostly by Mathew Gostelow


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‘See My Breath Dance Ghostly’ will take you from dilapidated stairwells and run-down motel rooms to dark woods and ferocious oceans, through tales of terrifying transformations and strange encounters. Each story unravels a different shade of darkness, gripping your senses and refusing to let go.

Within these pages radios crackle with strange voices, children’s stories hide dark secrets, undead kittens prowl, and ancient words catch like thorns in your throat, revealing paths of dark magic.

Mathew Gostelow’s remarkable mastery of atmosphere and unease will leave you breathless, yearning for more.




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“This collection binds the everyday and the uncanny together, to spellbinding effect. These stories of dreams and visions, spectres and visitations, are endlessly inventive, shot through with heart, and linger in the mind long after you have read them.”
Katy Naylor, Editor of the voidspace, author of ‘Postcards from Ragnarok’.

“Mathew Gostelow crafts fiction with boundless originality, his style and phrasing nothing short of unsung mastery. These stories glint in the darkness, a broiling, intoxicating blend of cinematic scope and twisty folklore, leaving the reader teetering on the edge of suspense.”
Oak Ayling, author of ‘With Love from the Curator’, Editor in Chief of Spare Parts Literary.




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