Empty Backyard

Empty Backyard Pool by

Meisha watches satellites pass behind the water tower. He calls them tin cans, says they’re not real.

In the deep end, with her back against the tiles, she can’t hear the shouting. 

The tiles are crumbling, she holds a triangle piece against the sky, one eye closed. 

There was a piece just like it under the dining table, below a new mark on the wall. It had flowers on it like their kitchen plates. 

Her mother said they weren’t shouting. He was just talking loud.

Meisha wants to go to space someday. The TV said it was endless silence there. 





Kieren Westwood writes short fiction focussed on the meeting point of crime and literary fiction. His writing has been shortlisted for the Bridport prize and Bath Novella-in-flash award. He also shares writing content on his YouTube Channel.





Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash



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