saturns rain

Saturn’s Rain by

   ‘On Saturn, it rains diamonds.’

    He lets the book fall from his lap as he pictures it; the clouds blackening and charring as lightning reaches out around them, embracing the sky.  He sees the collapse of darkness into stone, splitting the storm’s white light into a thousand rainbows.  He can feel the rain, tiny fists in his flesh, as he stares at the stars on his ceiling, glowing gently over his unmade bed.

    He’s alone.  Alone is normal, although it wasn’t always.  He remembers the way his mother laughed before it happened.  The melodies that smoothed out his brother’s cries, soft like waves on a methane sea.  They stopped when his brother became still, a tiny tangle in hand-knitted blankets.  Nobody’s fault, they said.  She fell silent all the same.

    He creeps down the stairs to where she lies on the sofa.  She hasn’t moved since this morning.  The ridges and peaks of her duvet are unaltered; static and dead like wasted Mars.  Uneaten food orbits her like accusations.  How many weeks has she been like this?  He is losing count.

    The atmosphere of the house is thick with a swirling hush.  An alien world.  There were people at first, with shimmering eyes and cakes in tins.  She seemed choked by them.  Her pain is spikey; hard to grip.  They fell away, pulled by some other gravity.  Just him and her, now.  Or is it just him?

    He climbs on top of her, his chin pushing down on the bone of her sternum.  She doesn’t see him, doesn’t feel his weight.

    ‘Mum!  On Saturn, it rains diamonds!’

    Her head twitches.  She says nothing.

    ‘Mum!  On Saturn, it rains diamonds!’

    Her head turns now.  Blurry eyes strain.  Focus.

    ‘Is that so?’

    Her words are a supernova.





Rose has been writing flash for just under a year, in the cracks of time between working on her novel.  She loves tea, chocolate, and forest walks.



“Cassini’s Final Full Image of Saturn–Large Version” by Lights In The Dark is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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