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So The Story Goes by

So the story goes if I tell my friends I am writing a novel they will say “Wow!” and look at me in awe.  I tell them and they do.

Now my characters have stopped telling me what to write and I am bored.

“Jot down a few key points and work from there,” suggests a friend.

“Plotting will stem the natural flow,” I cry and sip my Tanqueray gin.

“Writing fiction is like a running sore on your cheek. You can lick it but it still won’t go away,” he says with a smile. “Well, so the story goes.”



‘I spent 65 years in Central and Southern Africa. Now retired, I reside in the UK and devote my time to creative writing. There are three outlines for novels in my bottom drawer and one Work In Progress on the screen. I also write short stories and Flash Fiction.’  Julian Mitchell


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