tetris and trauma

Tetris and Trauma (it’s all fun & games) by

Play tetris.


That’s the internet’s recommendation for trauma.


Tetris and trauma.


They sound alike, don’t they? 


Tetris and trauma, tetris and trauma, tetris and trauma. You will have less PTSD if you say it with me. Or something like that.


So you’ve seen your love in blood on the floor, a hole in the house. If you play tetris, it will not affect you.


I am unaffected. 


I feel safe.


The blocks fall, and I move them. I am in control.


Don’t get me started on candy crush. You will not only avoid trauma, you will experience joy. Tasty. Delicious. Sweet. One match, infinite reward. Sometimes you will win, though you don’t have to know how. Keep matching.


I cannot worry if I am amused. 


I am not saying don’t play tetris or candy crush. Play it. I am just saying that if you do, you do. 


I am not bitter. I am not bitter at tetris or at candy crush, at least. If I am bitter, I am bitter that playing candy crush was the happiest I’ve felt all day, and tetris was a close second, including the time I forgot I was playing and the blocks piled beyond my screen. I liked that, in comparison. I am not afraid of that loss.


I will not tell you what I am afraid of.


I gather the rewards in between notifications. I am nauseous, and I know why.


Here’s to another round of delicious.





Michelle E. Chin is a Boston-based writer. She holds a BA in English/Creative Writing and French from Wellesley College, and she is currently working on a New Adult novel. Her work has been published in Reformed Journal, (in)courage), and Mass Poetry. You can find her at michelleechin.com



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