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What I Learned From Deidra by

“Jerome, this isn’t working out between us!” Deidra shouted at him last Monday. Days later, he sat alone at the same kitchen table and thought about their time together. They never tied the knot. He thought they would, once, a long time ago. He looked through watery eyes at his phone. One of the selfies they took together. He whispered to himself, “What went wrong?”

 Sure! He was broken into pieces by his past. But, in Deidra. He thought that he had found that piece, to help mold his future. Laughs were shared, and respect was born out of common goals. She even accepted his annoying habit of drinking directly from a carton of milk and teased him about it. She thought that he was the fire to her teapot. But, she saw it at the end. He wasn’t as rock-solid as he claimed to be.

 “You’re just not that same guy. I knew before.” She had uttered. During the hour of reckoning that endured, at the Kitchen Table that night. Still looking at the selfies. Days later at that same table. He thought, “Was I ever that guy. That she thought she knew before?”

Deidra’s words at the Kitchen Table revealed to him. The piece that would mold his future. It lay. Inside of him.




Marvin Harris hails from Long Island, NY. He currently resides In Orlando, FL. He loves to soak up sunsets. Along with writing Flash Fiction and Poetry.


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