The Price of Love by

The ozone scent of the ocean reminds me how much I have sacrificed to be here: friends, family, home, heritage.

Was it worth it? Most days, yes, but on black days – every step painful – I find myself back before the water.

Mother warned me. But I knew better. “You don’t choose who you fall for.”

“Mark my words, no good came of such a union.”

I brushed it aside – another of her fables.

He is a devoted husband, but he cannot bridge the loneliness.

I lose myself in the roaring of the waves: a world I can no longer enter.




Iqbal is one of fifteen emerging writers to feature in the Mainstream anthology by Inkandescent, publication date mid-2021. He won gold prize in the Creative Future Writers’ Awards 2019 and he is a recipient of the inaugural London Writers’ Awards 2018. Iqbal is working on his first novel, Northern Boy.



Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash





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